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About Us

BrizWest Community Music Ensembles Inc. began life as an Adult Learners' Band in late 1997 under the direction of Koss Siwers, an instrumental teacher at a local school.  Koss advertised locally for "Adults who want to play in a learners' band - bring your instrument, a willingness to learn, and a sense of humour".  The latter was the glue that held the original group of 30 brave blowers together during the early days as we developed our musical interests and skills.

Since then we have developed into West Winds Concert Band (previously the Brizwest Concert Band) and the Kate Street Big Band (previously the Kate Street Mob, or KSM).  Our players have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, ranging from professionals to happy amateurs and from senior citizens to high school students.  Some of the original adult learners still play with us, some have re-ignited their musical interests after time away and others have moved into the district.  We aim to enjoy our music making with our friends while maintaining a high standard of performance.

Executive Committee (Board):


President: Ian Kroll

Vice President: Gina Richter-Stretton

Secretary: Rose Read

Treasurer: Ian Read

Conductors: Sean Burke (West Winds Concert Band) and Pip Harden (Kate Street Big Band)


Gig Managers: Bruce Mallett (West Winds Concert Band) and Naomi Doessel (Kate Street Big Band)

Additional committee members: Brian Clarke, Maggie Deeth, Miranda Mariette

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