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1. For members currently aged under 18: I am a Parent/Guardian of the musician whose details I have provided in this Membership Form. I give permission for my child to participate in BrizWest Community Music Ensembles Inc (BrizWest) activities, including, but not limited to, rehearsals, concerts, tutorials, workshops, day trips and tours. OR For members currently aged 18 or over: I accept the BrizWest position offered to me as detailed in this Membership Form.


2. I agree to be bound by the BrizWest Member Information, Terms and Conditions and other BrizWest Policies, being those existing as at the time of acceptance of me / my child as a BrizWest member, and thereafter as lawfully modified and amended or added to from time to time.


3. I hereby release and indemnify BrizWest, its officers, volunteers, agents and members against any liability in relation to my / my child's participation in BrizWest activities, and when traveling to and from such activities.


4. I authorise BrizWest, in the event of any injury or illness occurring during BrizWest activities, to obtain on my behalf and at my expense any medical treatment as may be considered appropriate by BrizWest.


5. I grant BrizWest the right to use my / my child’s name, likeness, voice and biographical information for BrizWest marketing and fundraising purposes and I grant BrizWest the exclusive license to record, reproduce, sell reproductions of, and broadcast any BrizWest performances that I/my child is involved in.


6. I declare that the information provided on this form is correct and I agree to pay fees as required, on or before the due date of each term.

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